Deliver your cabin or sleep-out anywhere - even if we have to crane it in!Highlander cabins and sleep-outs can go places that other portable buildings can’t. Our innovative delivery systems save you time and money.

We can deliver your Highlander cabin or sleep-out practically anywhere in New Zealand and, thanks to our innovative transport and setup system, can position the unit just about anywhere on your section. Once in place, all you need do is connect to an approved power source, connect to a water supply, and arrange waste water disposal (if required).

The whole delivery process can take as little as 30 minutes. Your cabin or sleep-out will be delivered by Highlander staff who will place the cabin in position for you. In some cases you may need to prepare the site however we can discuss this with you at the outset.

Cabins can be delivered virtually anywhere provided the proposed cabin site is level and any access gateways and thoroughfares are at least 3 metres wide. In some cases we may need to hire a crane to delivery your Highlander cabin.

Talk to us today to find out if we can get our cabin to your site or section. We are happy to conduct a site visit to work out a solution to get you sorted.

Our cabins are generally delivered on trailer making the process more affordable.